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Poultry processing plant


The poultry processing plant began to operate in 1998 and received a slaughterhouse export licence number to the countries of the European Union and beyond in the same year.

Our products are cut by manual labour in our poultry processing plant.

Our Company, Várda–Baromfihús Kft., performs the primary processing of the poultry, and the manufacturing of fresh and frozen poultry products in its poultry processing plant. During our work, we are dedicated to the compliance with the principles of Good Hygiene Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice to ensure that the products we manufacture guarantee the safety of our consumers at the highest possible level. Our company's successful operation is only possible in the long term if the standard of the products we manufacture are in harmony with the current needs the international and domestic market and we produce fresh and frozen poultry products which are made from excellent raw materials with constant quality indices, and have clean and aesthetic packaging that provides durable protection, and can be sold at affordable and competitive prices. In order to maintain our present results and guarantee them in the future, we operate the MSZ EN ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management, BRC (Global Standard For Food Safety) system in accordance with the International Food standards.

Our company pays special attention to satisfy the customers' needs at a high standard, therefore we offer the opportunity to satisfy their unique needs.

Our company has its own vehicle fleet, so we can deliver the products ordered by our customers to the indicated delivery addresses. We make deliveries abroad, too.