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Fodder mixing plant


The Fodder mixing plant has started to operate in 2007, which serves to provide fodder for the company’s raising farms; this fodder is required to keep the animals for slaughter as per species and raising phase.

During the construction of the mixer, it was an important consideration, among others, to find a central location from where the plant can serve our raising farms most economically. In the silo tanks of the plant, a total of 2,500 tons of raw materials can be stored.

At the beginning, the technology has only made it possible to produce mash feed, then the granulation line started its trial run on 2nd November, 2014. Thanks to the new technology, granules can be produced from the mashed fodder mixtures using the so called fibre granulation procedure, so the fodder is made hygienic at high temperatures, ensuring that they are pathogen-free. Another advantage is, among others, that the fodder is utilized better.

We place much emphasis on the quality of the supplied raw materials, therefore the received raw materials are regularly examined using our own fodder analyzing device.

The Fodder mixing plant supplies fodder to animals on 8 farms currently. With our fodders, we can satisfy the needs of the following animal species kept for economic purpose: broilers, breeders, pig, and turkey.

Our company is doing its best to obtain the wheat and the corn required to manufacture the breeding fodder in the largest proportion from its own area, supporting thereby the Hungarian agriculture and showing our commitment to the Hungarian grain, because we believe that high-quality Hungarian chicken will be produced from Hungarian raw materials, using Hungarian labour force.

Map - Fodder mixing plant